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Tagalog Texts with Grammatical Analysis

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Tagalog English en 00 Nigg Rich | PDF


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A Tagalog English and English Tagalog dictionary,

Thie abbreviations used iii this dictionary are the following. Aug, uan~a, tandla n& ginagamit sa fibrong ito ay aug sumusunod: nadajetive, adjetivo Conj -Conjunction, conjuncion Aldv-adlverb, adverbio Pro_-ipronom, pronombre 11 noun, sustantivo Inter-Interjection, Ilnterjecion prep)-preposition, prepocsicion V-Verb, Verbio

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2007-8-3 · Ang manga tanda ng ginagamit sa librong ito ay ang sumusunod: a ndjctive, adjetivo Conj Conjunction, conjuncion Adv-adverb, adverbio Pro.-pronom, prouomhre n -in un, snstantivo Inter Interjection, Interjecion prep.-prepoeition, propnsirion V-V''rb, ''crlio AKA

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Tagalog Texts with Grammatical Analysis

2015-12-30 · 2. Aŋ pagtatakbúhan naŋ usà at naŋ susòʾ. 2. The race of the deer and the snail. Isà ŋ usà ŋ naŋìŋináin sa gúbat ay nakátagpò naŋ isa ŋ susòʾ na gumàgápaŋ sa dáhon naŋ búhoʾ. Aŋ usà ay naghintò naŋ paŋiŋináin at pinagmasdàn nyà aŋ mabágal na paggápaŋ naŋ 5 susòʾ.. A deer, grazing in the jungle, came upon a snail that was creeping over the leaf of a ...


2010-1-7 · Sa kanya g pagtakbd ag usa ay nakarajln nag isa g may&bug na damuhan. "Naghintu sya upag magin&in, y&mag malaki ag pagk&una nya sa suso^. Bin&lak ny^ na pagkdtanaw 35 nya na dumaratig ag suso'' ay t&takbo syJi g muli^. D&tapuwat, nag sya y makapaginain, ay sinumpog sya nag katam&ran. Na- tulug sya sa panukala na magigisig syk bdgo dumatig ag …